How it works

1) You need to sign up and log in in order to review a product, message the seller, and finalize a purchase.
However, if you just want to browse the website to get to know it, you will be able to manage without 
having to create an account after all.

2) When you purchase a product on, if  the delivery method reads 'pickup', you will need to contact the 
seller  to arrange for payment and pickup. If it is shipment, then, the merchandise  will be shipped to you. Make sure you go 
to your account/my purchases to check the fulfillment and delivery status of your merchandise.

1) first and foremost, you need sign up and log in to to be able to post any listing. Make sure  when 
signing up, you enter your company name as it will display in your front end product listing or post.

2) Use the upload button on the top menu bar to post your listing. When you do. Make sure you input 
all the required info including the account details where you want your sale proceeds to be deposited.  

3) Note that when one of products is sold, you will be receiving an email notification of the sale. 
Thereupon, promptly ship the product and afterwards go to my account/my sale to input the shipping 
code so that you can get paid for the sale.